November 20., 2014.
Newsletter No. 2

Dear Colleagues, 

As we informed you in our previous newsletter, dunaPart3 – Hungarian Showcase of Contemporary Performing Arts will be held between the 2nd and 8th of March 2015 in Budapest with an extensive programme running throughout the whole week and an intensive programme between the 5th and 8th of March.

We will publish a detailed programme of the whole week on the 5th of December. In the meantime the curators are busy finding the best possible shows and programmes to present to a wide international audience.

The extensive programme running for the whole week is aimed at professionals from overseas and those who are able to devote a full week of their time to the event. In the beginning of the week we will be offering two shows a day as well as site visits to professional organisations and thematic discussions. In the intensive programme we will have a special focus on women creators and artists in theatre. In the intensive programme will offer dance and theatre shows running parallel in the afternoons and evenings. In the mornings the guests will have the chance to meet the artists and to get more familiar with the Hungarian independent arts and culture.

It is the explicit objective of the organisers of the event to maintain and further deepen the established and diverse international relations, professional cooperations and long-term partnerships between Hungarian independent artists and professionals and the rest of the world. We seek new ways for collaborations and new partners to cooperate with and are determined to further develop our old partnerships in the hope of strengthening the independent arts and civil scene.  

So far around 100 professionals have registered for the showcase and the list is continuously growing. We are expecting cca. 200 professionals from Europe and overseas. If you would like to attend, please register now to receive the most up-to-date information. Also, please make sure to follow our page on Facebook where you can get all the fresh information about the programme and preparations. 

The organisers – Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, the Independent Performing Arts Association and the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association are still busy fundraising for the platform but we are happy to announce that the City of Budapest and the US-based Centre for International Theatre Development will both be supporting the event. We have applied for various national and international bodies for funds and the results of the applications are underway.

We will keep you informed about all the upcoming news of the event.

Hope to see you in Budapest in March 2015!


Anikó RÁCZ
head of coordination
György SZABÓ
Trafó House of Contemporary Arts 
Andrea TOMPA
Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association
Adrienn ZUBEK
Independent Performing Arts Association