Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest, a receptive venue unique to Hungary, is embedded in the international contemporary scene, where the various genres – theater, dance, new circus, music and other visual arts – are presented in an individual and authentic manner.

The professional program of the institute, operating in a postindustrial space, is organized according to a unified, yet diverse approach, which is experimental and audience-friendly at the same time, based on new directions as well as our cultural memories and providing space for the presentation of both domestic and international artists.

Trafó is a mediating site dedicated to social issues, a platform for establishing values and contexts as well as generating new ideas and productions. Its performances, concerts, exhibitions, community and audience-building programs address a number of different generations, viewers of all kinds open to something new, whilst in its operation devoting special attention to the younger generations. 


The mission of the Association of Independent Peforming Artists (AIPA) is the advocacy and facilitation of independent artists, and companies and that of the theater education in Hungary. AIPA facilitates the modernisation of the whole sector in accordance with the social changes. The social mission of the Association is to develop the connection between performing arts, community building and educational initiatives.


The Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association is an established and reputable professional organisation and is the sole representative and advocacy group for theatre critics in Hungary. A civil association with more than fifty members, it serves for editors in chief of academic journals, critics of leading newspapers, editors and authors of outstanding cultural web portals, as well as young aspiring theatre writers. The mission of the organisation is both to strengthen the relation between critics and theatre professionals and to help in the interpretation of shows that are alien to the practices of Hungarian theatre. Critical thinking for the association stands not only in the analysis of art but also in the adoption of an overall critical attitude. The organisation highly supports the widespread teaching and sharing of a mindset that is critical and socially responsible at the same time.


Anikó Rácz 
main coordinator

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György Szabó 

Trafo House of Contemporary Art

Beáta Barda, curator
Trafo House of Contemporary Art / Association of Independent Peforming Artists


Panna Adorjáni 
coordinator of registration

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Tímea Csóka 
press, PR and web
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Andrea Tompa, curator

Theatre Critics’ Association


Tamás Jászay, curator
Theatre Critics’ Association


Noémi Herczog, curator

Theatre Critics’ Association 


Csaba Králl


Lívia Fuchs


Adrienn Zubek 

Association of Independent Peforming Artists


Szilvia Molnárné Kuskó 
financial director

Beáta Váradi 
graphic designer (basic concept 2008., 2011.)

Anna Korolovszky 

graphic designer (2015.) 

Lajos Kiskéri 
web programmer